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Maryland weather by Maryland students


Days are getting shorter, temperatures are finally dropping, Fall is here! If you are anything like me and love this type of weather, you probably have big smile on your face and are enjoying a nice pumpkin spice coffee. If you haven’t participated in any fall activities yet like pumpkin and apple picking as well as haunted hay rides, the rest of the week poses superb conditions to do so!

Through Tonight:

After a wonderful, sunny afternoon, temps will begin to drop into the lower 60s as the sun sets. Tonight will be a dark one as the moon is one day out from a new moon. With clear skies to allow outgoing heat from the Earth’s surface to escape the atmosphere easily, overnight lows will dip into the mid 40s while winds will remain calm. If you plan on being outdoors late tonight, make sure to bring a jacket!

HRRR model showing 2m temperatures reaching the mid 40s in the DC area. (via: Trowal)

Tomorrow (Thursday):

Like any classic Fall morning, it will be chilly! Temps will be in the upper 40s, but will heat up into the low 70s as the day develops. Winds will be light out of the southwest around 3-5mph. Another perfect Fall day!