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Evening Update: Crisp Fall Weather Fills in Before Late Week Warm Up

For those of us who wanted true fall weather, it’s finally here! Our Indian summer lasting throughout the beginning of October has ceased, and today our weather was actually slightly below average for this time of year. Makes sense, right? We will continue to bask in ample sunshine throughout most of the week, as a high pressure system, parked just to our west, refuses to move.

Don’t be surprised if you begin to see some more foliage this week. (via Pixabay)

Through Tonight:

Tonight’s weather will quickly turn chillier as clear skies allow us to drop down into the mid 40s around College Park, accompanied by light winds. Suburbs north and west should expect to see cooler temps with lows into the 30s, whereas downtown D.C. and Baltimore may stay closer to 50.

Tomorrow (Wednesday):

Wednesday should follow suit to today. The morning chilliness and isolated frost will not last for too long as temperatures climb back up to around 7o degrees for the majority of the area. Winds will be calm once again and should not be a problem.

Post-Tropical Cyclone Ophelia:

All is well weather-wise in our area, but that has not been the case for Ireland and United Kingdom. Why? Because of a hurricane in the Atlantic basin. Correct, a hurricane’s remnants have battered them throughout Monday and part of today.

Hurricane Ophelia at its peak intensity before transitioning to an extra-tropical storm. (via NOAA)

Ophelia developed well eastward in the Atlantic basin and had the perfect conditions to strengthen and move northeast towards Europe. Once it moved closer to Europe it lost its tropical characteristics and became extratropical, but that didn’t stop damage from occurring. Locals in Ireland saw gusts upwards of 100 mph, and notable structural damage has been reported especially in coastal areas. Like many other hurricanes we’ve seen this season, a hurricane forming this far east and having considerable impacts has undoubtedly been an extremely rare and unlikely occurrence.


Featured photo courtesy of Pixabay.