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Evening Update: Crisp Air Tonight, then Summer Warmth Makes a Comeback

Monday got everyone thinking about pumpkin spice and warm cider as the early morning mercury dipped down into the upper 40s. Luckily, the sun came in to save the day and warm things up into the mid 70s. I hope you brought your sunglasses because there were zero clouds in the sky for shade.

Through Tonight: 

The skies will stay mainly clear as high pressure stays parked over the the eastern U.S. Keep a sweatshirt nearby as the low for the evening decreases into the low 50s, with upper 40s in the outer Maryland suburbs. Winds will stay generally calm out of the south-southeast.

Most of the forecast area will be in the 50s as we wake up tomorrow morning. (via Trowal)

Tomorrow (Tuesday):

The warm weather will start to return thanks to a high pressure ridge funneling a calm southern wind into the DMV. Keep an eye out for a bit of morning fog before the sun burns it off later in the morning. Highs for the second day of the week will reach into the mid-to-upper 70s with plenty of sunshine for the afternoon. We’re heading into our 17th day without any soggy weather, so be sure to water those outdoor plants if you have them!

Projected temperatures tomorrow afternoon at 4 p.m. (via Trowal)

Feature photo courtesy of the author.