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Evening Update: Splendid Weather Today to Persist into Tomorrow

Whether it be the severe weather today in the northern Great Plains or the bad luck the Caribbean has had with our recent hurricanes, mother nature has spared Maryland recently. Hurricane Jose, currently a Category 1, is spinning well off the east coast and may impact parts of New England in the near future.

GOES-16 satellite data displaying the powerful and dangerous Hurricane Maria barreling towards Puerto Rico (via

Through Tonight:

Hurricane Jose provided us with a few clouds today, but any signs of that should diminish by tonight. Expect our weather to remain mild tonight with lows dropping into the mid 60s. Light winds out of the north will accompany the clear skies as well. Fog is possible but not likely, especially in areas near bodies of water tonight.

Tomorrow (Wednesday):

There is not much to complain about tomorrow weather wise. Sunshine and clear skies will rule the day as we rise back up into the mid 80s. Tomorrow will be particularly warm for this time of year, but 80+ degrees in late September are never out of the question for this area.

(Featured photo courtesy of Pixabay)