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PM Update: Chance of Storms Tonight; Cooler Week to Follow

SPC has the College Park area in a slight risk for severe storms. (Via SPC)

Today was another a significantly above average day for temperatures with low 80s throughout the region. The strong southerly winds being felt are due to a powerful low pressure system over the central part of the country that has dominated the nation’s weather. These winds will shift as a cold front passes through overnight, bringing in more seasonable temperatures.

Through Tonight:

The National weather Service has now lowered the area’s severe risk to slight, but thunderstorms are still likely this evening. The greatest threat will be high winds. The most likely chance of a thunderstorm will be from 7pm-12am. The lows will be in the low 60s. The skies will remain mostly cloudy until around midnight when the clouds start to break a little. Winds will remain breezy at 11 to 17 mph from the south with gusts around 30 mph, possibly higher if the thunderstorms are severe.

Tomorrow (Tuesday):

Clouds will gradually break in the morning leaving a mostly sunny afternoon. The temperature will be a little cooler in the mid-70s. The day will still feature a stiff breeze shifting to from the west at 13 to 20 mph, with gusts up to 30 mph. Tomorrow night will be partly cloudy with winds dying down to 6 to 13 mph from the west. Temperatures will fall to the mid-50s.

TerpWRF showing the idea of high temperatures only reaching the low 70s Tuesday. (Via Trowal)

Extended Look:

Wednesday cools down to the upper 60s while remaining partly cloudy.  Thursday and Friday look to continue the trend of slightly below normal temperatures with rain looking likely on both of those days.

GFS showing the end of the week could feature some rain. (Image valid Friday at 8 am, Via Trowal)