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Evening Update: Thursday Temperatures Cooler Than Today, Will Still Feel Like Spring

After a few days of warm weather and scattered rain showers, it is really beginning to feel like Spring. Trees are beginning to bud here on campus, while cherry blossoms are looking lively again (after a few weeks of cool temperatures). With days becoming longer, temperatures are trending upwards giving us pleasant weather to look forward to. A ridge of high pressure entered our area today, breaking up the clouds left over from yesterday’s storms. This resulted in a very enjoyable, clear day.

Through Tonight: Temperatures will shift as the ridge develops tonight, bringing in northeasterly winds that will cause temperatures to dip into the upper 30s. Skies will become partly cloudy with winds remaining light from 5-10 mph.

Tomorrow (Thursday):

Temperatures in the mid-50s around 5 pm tomorrow (via: Trowal)

With an approaching low-pressure system making its way through central U.S., warm moist air will move into our area. Skies will start out clear in the morning, then clouds will develop as the storm system approaches the region. Temperatures will be in the lower 40’s around 8 am and will make their way into the mid-50s by 4 pm. Winds will remain light and variable out of the northeast. A thick layer of clouds will begin to develop overnight as rain is expected for Friday.

Beyond the DMV: 

Moderate risk over eastern Tennessee and northern Mississippi for Thursday (via: SPC)

The Storm Prediction Center 2-Day outlook has a moderate risk for severe weather in eastern Tennessee and northern Mississippi. This outlook is the same system responsible for several tornadoes in Texas yesterday. Also, it was also a sad day for the meteorology world. Three storm chasers, Kelley Williamson, Randy Yarnell, and Corbin Lee Jaeger, passed away last night in a car crash during a storm chase. Williamson and Yarnell were both contracted employees of the Weather Channel. Our condolences go out to their families and friends for such a tragic loss.