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Evening Update: Cold Temperatures Continue Through the Weekend.

Windy and cold is how most people would describe this morning. Temperatures barely reached into the 40s today, and winds were consistently around 10mph, rising through the afternoon. Today’s conditions are more like the winter we’re used to, and the cold isn’t leaving anytime soon.

Through Tonight:

Temperatures Friday night dip into the low 20s. (Image provided via Trowal).

Overnight temperatures will drop further, with the overnight low dropping into the low 20s. Winds at the beginning of the night will be over 10mph but decrease overnight to around 5mph at sunrise. The clouds of the day should clear out, giving us clear skies for most of tonight. A very slight chance of snow flurries in the late night.

Tomorrow (Saturday): Saturday is very similar to Friday, with highs struggling to make it much past 40 degrees. Winds will be slightly less than on Friday, in the 10-15mph range, and the skies will clear out. Overall, it’s going to be an average cold winter day.

Looking forward, the cold air sticks around into Sunday, but Monday warms us up into the upper 50s/low 60s, and Tuesday brings a chance of rain.