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Evening Update : As Snow Showers Trail Off, Cold and Calm Conditions Return for Tuesday

A thin layer of snow on the ground greeted us this morning while light flurries continued to pass through during the early afternoon. Wintry conditions continued throughout the day, with temperatures only reaching up into the mid-30s and wind gusts peaking up to 15 mph. As the day progresses, temperatures will drop further. However, wind speeds will diminish and skies will become clear of precipitation.

Through Tonight:

Mostly cloudy skies will allow a lot of radiative cooling throughout the night…meaning tonight will be quite cold. Temperatures will be dropping down into the low-20s. Winds will weaken and generally become mild in nature. Therfore, most of the cold will be through the temperature alone.

Temperature Map for Monday Night (provided by Trowal).

Tomorrow (Tuesday):

A warm front coming through the area on Tuesday will help to increase temperatures. Tuesday’s high temperatures are expected to be in the upper-40s, which is significantly higher than the temperatures we saw today. The front will also bring in a good amount of cloud cover and increase wind speeds to around 10 mph.