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Maryland weather by Maryland students


It has been a wild ride throughout the U.S. over the past couple of days. Out west, winter storm Leo dumped several feet of snow in the Sierras. It has continued to move East through the Rocky Mountains and into the Midwest. Drought-ridden areas in Southern California experienced up to 4 inches of rain on Sunday. Being that the ground was so dry, flooding and mudslides occurred and evacuations were put in place. Although still considered in a drought since October 1st, Southern California has received over 13 inches of rain.

On the other side of the country, powerful thunderstorms accompanied by devastating tornadoes swept through the Southeast. According to Fox News, 20 people have lost their lives while many more were injured. The deaths from this tornado outbreak have officially exceeded the tornado death toll from 2016.

Some debris in Georgia after tornado outbreak that occurred from January 21-23 in the Southeast (Photographer: Nathaniel Sixberry. Credit: Washington Post)

In local weather news, a strong Nor’easter brought a lot of rainfall, strong winds and coastal flooding to our area. The Nor’easter continues to move North and will wreak havoc on New England as snow, sleet and rain are all expected. Fortunately, the crazy weather will subside in our area. The rest of the week is expecting a pleasant outcome.

Through Tonight:

Clear skies will make their way into our area tonight with lows reaching into the mid-30s.  As the last bits of the Nor’easter move out of our area, winds will remain gusty at 10-15 mph.

Tomorrow (Wednesday):

Welcome back Terps! Some great weather is expected for the first day of the Spring semester. Highs will be in the upper 50s while winds will be light from the South around 4-5 mph. Clear skies will continue throughout the day  and into the night as temperatures will find their way down into the mid 40s.

Warm weather in our area for tomorrow. (Via Pivotal Weather)