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Evening Update: Arctic Air Moves in Tonight

Earlier this week, on Monday night and Tuesday, we received a little over an inch of some much needed rain (which came after an abnormally dry November). Typically, we see about 3.17 inches of rain in November. But, Reagan National Airport recorded just a measly 0.76 inches.

The good news is that the gloomy and rainy weather has left the area for the end of the workweek, but the bad news is that it will be replaced with cold and windy weather, giving us a not-so-nice welcome from winter.

Through Tonight:

A cold front progressing eastward has been responsible for much of our cloudy weather during the day. As it moves through, the cold front opens the door for arctic air to move into our area behind the front. After sunset, expect clouds to clear out, temperatures to drop into the upper 20s for the DMV area and breeziness to pick up. Winds will howl out of the west/northwest around 10-13 mph with gusts potentially reaching 20 mph.

Tomorrow (Friday):

We will see some clouds tomorrow but sunshine should dominate as the temperatures will climb to about 38-41 degrees (which is about 10 degrees below average for this time of year). At the same time, winds will pick up throughout the day as they emerge out of the west/northwest around 15 mph…gusts topping 25 mph! Dress warm!


Winds will pick up for Friday. (Via UMD Trowal)

Will we see snow next week? We may have two different opportunities to get snow next week, so be sure to check back with UMD Weather to stay updated on the latest conditions!