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Evening Update: Warm and Rainy Tonight, But Sun Returns Tomorrow

Some much-needed rain fell in the region today.  Tonight is no different, with a cold front approaching and line of showers moving through the region. However, tomorrow you can put away those rain boots! The sun and cooler temperatures will return to start out December.

TerpWRF 24-hour Total Precipitation for 7am Nov 30 until 7am Dec 1 – Courtesy of Trowal UMD

Through Tonight: Pack an umbrella tonight! On and off showers will persist until 2am. There is a slight chance for a few thunderstorms. Winds will flow out of the south at 12-15 mph, with gusts up to 20 mph. As the front passes, wind directions will shift, bringing cooler air in from the west for tomorrow. The minimum temperature will be fairly warm, around 50 degrees for College Park and closer to mid-50s near the District.

Tomorrow: While it is officially December, the warmth is still sticking around. Tomorrow will be mostly sunny with temperatures climbing to the upper-50s.  But hold onto your hats- winds will pick up with sustained winds 13-16 mph and gusts in the mid-20s. By evening, the temperature will start dropping into the 40s.

A glimpse elsewhere: Severe weather has impacting the Southeast US. Over the last two days there have been 30 tornado reports, over 90 wind reports, and over 30 hail reports (Storm Prediction Center as of 3:30pm EST)!